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Andrea Carter


Andrea Carter is a native of Gloster, Mississippi. She is currently an IT Project Project Manager at Texas Instruments.  During her early years, she often attended computer and science summer programs and college prep programs at different universities to prepare her for transitioning to become a college student. Her interest in a STEM started when she was in 9th grade while she was taking a Basic programming course. Ever since then, she was hooked and she knew she wanted to major in Computer Science.


After graduating from Amite County High School in Liberty, MS in 1996, Andrea decided to attend Alcorn State University in Lorman, MS, where she started her journey as a computer science student. After two years, she transferred to Jackson State University in Jackson, MS, during the Fall of 1998 where she received a B.S. in Computer Science in May 2000 with honors. Andrea became even more interested in computer systems, networking, and technology. She often interned and took other jobs on and off campus to increase her experience such as at the U.S. Forest Service in Mississippi, UNC (University of North Carolina) at Chapel Hill, U. S. Army Rock Island Arsenal in Rock Island, IL, and Texas Instruments. Furthermore, she decided to continue her education at North Carolina A&T State

University in Greensboro, NC, where she received a M.S. in Computer Science in December 2001; and

she was also a teacher assistant and research assistant in the department.


In her spare time, Andrea enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys exercising,

church, keeping up with shows and looking at houses. Most people would say Andrea has a very quiet

demeanor, but she uses her quietness to make big impacts whenever she gets the opportunity.


One of the ways Andrea gives back is by being one of the founding members of the 501 c 3 scholarship fund that has awarded scholarships to students in Mississippi since 2012. The scholarship is awarded annually to graduating seniors at two high schools. The scholarships benefits students who are interested in a variety of fields such as STEM careers. Most of the students awarded scholarships majored in STEM areas or medical fields.


Andrea enjoys promoting awareness and giving back knowledge she has learned. She has been an IT

(Information Technology) Adjunct Professor at several colleges and universities since 2009 which

includes Richland College (one of the Dallas County Community Colleges), Colorado Technical

University Online, and Southern New Hampshire University.

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