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The Pre-College Initiative Program is the focus of NSBE’s effort to promote college, academics, technology and leadership to pre-college students. Our primary goal is to encourage students in grades K–12 to develop an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The mission of PCI is to lead the world in enhancing pre-college students’ academic, technical and leadership skills, in order to maximize their success in life. We need leaders to be the voice of PCI students. There are several capacities in which our professional members can contribute, and develop leadership skills while positively impacting our local community. Please see below for further details on PCI.


The Pathways to College ("P2C") Leadership Conference is a mentorship and professional development program held each Fall. P2C is targeted at assisting high school juniors and seniors in the DFW area with their transition to college STEM programs. NSBE DFW proudly hosts this program in concert with The Dallas Society of Women Engineers (SWE), The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers DFW (SHPE) and NAF. Students participate in workshops throughout the day to learn about applying for college, navigating the college experience, affording tuition and transitioning to professional. Scholarships funded by corporate donors are also awarded to select program participants.

2023 P2C Conference at UTD-81.jpg
2023 P2C Conference at UTD-23.jpg


NSBE Jr. focuses on enhancing the education received by African-American and other pre-college students underrepresented in STEM as well as influencing these students to become tomorrow’s corporate executives, entrepreneurs and other leaders. In this spirit, NSBE Jr. is the quintessential recruitment, teaching and preparation device for NSBE. NSBE Jr membership is available to all students in grades 3–12. NSBE Jr. provides activities to help students discover firsthand how engineering and technology relate to the world around them and discover the excitement of academic excellence, leadership, technical development and teamwork.

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