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Ivan Hall


Ivan graduated from Texas Tech University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, launching his career as an engineer, primarily focused on Lockheed Martin's F35 program. This experience not only honed his technical prowess but also deepened his passion for engineering's transformative potential.

Ivan's NSBE journey began in college, where he witnessed firsthand the immense value it offered to aspiring Black engineers. It became his academic and professional cornerstone, empowering him with a supportive network and invaluable opportunities. Consequently, he is dedicated to giving back to the organization that played a pivotal role in shaping his trajectory.

As the President of NSBE DFW, Ivan's role involves charting the chapter's course to align with NSBE's overarching mission. His chief aim is to foster growth, inclusivity, and excellence within the local engineering community, with a specific focus on empowering Black engineers. Through strategic planning and collaborative initiatives, we aim to provide a platform where aspiring engineers can thrive and create a lasting impact.

Beyond his professional and NSBE commitments, Ivan finds solace and inspiration in activities like tennis, boxing, golf, and spontaneous vacations. These pursuits not only keep him physically active but also offer moments of mental respite and the thrill of embracing new challenges.

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Fun Fact

Texas Tech ping pong champion

Ivan Hall

Ivan Hall


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