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Rebekah Hawkins


Rebekah is originally from Memphis, Tennessee and a proud alumna of Florida A&M University with a degree in Business Administration. She's a business management associate for the US Private Bank Advice team at JPMorgan Chase & Co. In her role she supports strategic business initiatives and regulatory priorities that enable advisors to be more productive and impactful with clients. She recently joined NSBE this year to get exposed to new professional opportunities and leverage skills that are different from her everyday job. As Finance Chair, she will work alongside the Treasurer and Corporate Sponsorships Chair to manage chapter finances and support our fundraising goal. Outside of her professional career she loves to travel, go to R&B concerts, and try new restaurants.

What's one piece of wisdom you've gained on your career journey?

You are in control of your journey, and you don't have to wait for others to open doors for you. It's up to you to carve out the lane that you want to be in, and you will listen and learn along the way.

Fun Fact

I was the drum major of my middle school marching band.

Rebekah Hawkins

Rebekah Hawkins

Finance Chair

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