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The Admin Zone is responsible for strategy setting and managing the internal operations/admin functions of the organization. The zone is comprised of the President (Zone Lead), Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Programs Chair, and Parliamentarian. 


​The Membership Zone focuses on attracting and retaining professional members. The zone is comprised of the Vice President (Zone Lead), Membership Chair and Social Chair. The zone is responsible for the following activities:

  1. Recruitment: Develop strategies to attract new members, including outreach programs, membership drives, and partnerships with other organizations.

  2. Retention: Create initiatives to retain existing members, such as member appreciation events, regular communication, and personalized engagement.

  3. Member Support: Provide resources and support to members, including answering questions, resolving membership account issues.

  4. Programming: Organize and oversee social events and activities that provide value to members, such as networking events, social gatherings, and community service projects.

  5. Feedback and Improvement: Gather feedback from members to understand their needs and improve the membership experience. Implement changes based on this feedback to enhance satisfaction.

  6. Communication: Work with the Comms zone to ensure regular communication with members through newsletters, emails, and social media to keep them informed about upcoming events, opportunities, and organizational news.


The Programs Zone is responsible for keeping professional members engaged year-round with an interactive series of professional development programs that nurture culturally responsible Black STEM professionals. Additionally, the zone supports collegiate and pre-collegiate NSBE student chapters, creating a pathway for their transition to professional membership. The Programs Zone has a unique ability to positively impact the community in a multitude of ways by developing minorities in STEM both at the professional member level and student non-member level. The zone is comprised of the Programs Chair (Zone Lead), Professional Development Chair, College Initiative Chair and Pre-college Initiative Chair.


The Zone manages the following areas:

1. Professional Development

2. Pre-College Initiative

3. College Initiative

4. Bridge

See "Programs" tab for further details.


Overall, the Programs Zone is responsible for keeping NSBE’s membership engaged in and informed about STEM and cultural topics, through activities.


The Finance Zone manages the organization's financial health and stability. The zone is comprised of the Treasurer (Zone Lead), Corporate Partnerships Chair and Finance Chair. Key functions include:

  1. Budgeting: Developing and overseeing the annual budget, ensuring funds are effectively allocated to support NSBE's programs and initiatives.

  2. Fundraising: Creating and executing strategies to raise funds through sponsorships, grants, donations, and other revenue-generating activities.

  3. Corporate Partnerships: Building and maintaining relationships with corporate partners to secure sponsorships, donations, and other financial support.

  4. Financial Reporting: Preparing and presenting financial statements and reports to leadership and members, ensuring transparency and accountability.

  5. Expense Management: Monitoring and controlling expenses to align with the budget and financial goals.

  6. Investment Management: Overseeing the organization's investments to ensure prudent management and positive returns.

  7. Compliance: Ensuring all financial activities comply with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as NSBE's internal policies and procedures.

Overall, the Finance Zone plays a critical role in maintaining NSBE's financial integrity, sustainability, and fostering strong relationships with corporate partners.


The Comms Zone is responsible for managing and overseeing the organization's communication strategies and efforts. This includes public relations, marketing, branding, and the dissemination of information to members and the public. The Comms Zone ensures that the chapter's message and mission are effectively communicated across various platforms, enhancing visibility and engagement with stakeholders. The zone is comprised of the Secretary (Zone Lead), Publications Chair and Technology Chair. The zone handles social media, newsletters, press releases, and other communication tools to promote the chapter's events and initiatives. 


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